Commercial Repair Specialists

Keeping Businesses Operational & Pristine

Every minute of downtime can translate to lost opportunities for businesses. At Crawford Trade Group, we understand the urgency and precision required for commercial repairs. Our specialists ensure minimal disruption, restoring your commercial spaces promptly to maintain the flow of your business

Structural Repairs

Our structural repair team tackles the very framework of your commercial property, ensuring it remains a safe and inviting space for both clients and staff

wall and ceiling repairs

timber Foundation Stabilisation

Water Damage Restoration

Interior Maintenance

Our interior maintenance solutions ensure every corner of your commercial property is in top condition.

redesigned workspaces

painting and plastering

Exterior maintenance

First impressions matter. Our exterior maintenance team ensures the outside of your commercial property is as polished and functional as the interior.

Facade & Cladding Repairs

external painting

Accessibility & Safety Fixes

voices from HAPPY businesses

Learn about the quality and dedication we bring to every project from the businesses who’ve experienced the Crawford Trade Group touch.

a month ago
Today Mitch and his crew, Chris and Nathan took down and replaced my weather-damaged carport ceiling. They did a fantastic job and worked really well together. They were chatty, professional and definitely knew their trade. They all cleaned up and left the place nice and tidy. Mitch even took the trouble to hose the plaster off the concrete. Attention to detail all round! I was really impressed with this team and highly recommend them. Jim the sparkie was also great, taking care of the light fitting and wiring. Thanks everyone for a job well done!!
2 months ago
Just wanted to say I was so impressed with Mitch the other day. He did such a good job, as well as his tradie Nathan. I was secretly listening sometimes and the way he taught and directed Nathan was incredible. He is a great leader. Mitch also cares so much about his work and doing a good job, I could tell by how dedicated and particular he was and the way he explained things to Nath. Very professional! They also stayed back to get it finished which was much appreciated. We’re extremely happy with their work and highly recommend!
3 months ago
Over the past week we had Brett and David come into our home to do plastering and painting due to lightning and storm damage. Both Brett and David were extremely professional and diligent as well as taking pride in their work. You boys are an asset to Crawford Trade Group, thank you for fixing our home 😊
4 months ago
David came over this morning to make some minor repairs to woodwork. He was professional, personable and thorough. Although it was a small job, David took it seriously, and the results were very good. He is an asset to Crawford.
7 months ago
Had Dean & David come in to paint my ceilings and they did a magnificent and professional job! Highly Recommended the both of them

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Your commercial property deserves the best in repair and maintenance. With expertise, efficiency, and dedication, Crawford Trade Group stands ready to serve. Are you?