Health, Safety and Environmental PractiCes

Upholding Australian Building Standards

At Crawford Trade Group, the health, safety, and environmental sustainability of our sites are paramount. From rigorous adherence to Australian regulations to the ongoing training of our team, we commit to making each site a benchmark for safety, compliance, and eco-responsibility.

Our HSE Commitment

Health and Safety Compliance

Dust Extraction

Local Compliance and Regulations

Risk Management

Clean Job Sites


Regular HSE Training & Workshops

State-of-the-art Safety Equipment

Digital Safeguarding

Embracing the future, Crawford Trade Group utilises advanced technology to elevate our safety measures. Our digital tools ensure prompt and precise safety protocols, enhancing accountability and transparency. Here’s a glimpse of our innovative approach:

Real-time Digital JSA

Digital completion ensures timely safety assessments.

Instant Email Notifications

Immediate updates sent to builders for on-site confirmations.

GPS-Stamped Safety Documents

Precise location tracking for every safety check, ensuring genuine on-site validations.

Digital Time Stamping

Every document is time-stamped, proving real-time safety compliance.

Random Spot Checks

Regular, unannounced checks to reinforce our safety-first commitment.

Transparency & Trust

Our digital tools foster greater transparency and build trust.

Dust Management - Clean Air and Safe Sites

Ensuring a healthy and safe environment on construction sites isn’t just about compliance—it’s part of Crawford Trade Group’s unwavering commitment to quality service and respect for all trades. We understand the myriad risks posed by uncontrolled dust, not just to our team but to everyone on-site. Investing in premium dust extraction mechanisms might add a cost to our operations, but we see it as an invaluable investment in health, safety, and professional excellence.

Respiratory Protection

Significantly reduces the risk of inhaling harmful dust particles, safeguarding lung health.

Slip Prevention

By controlling dust, we reduce the hazard of slippery surfaces, ensuring safer movement across the site.

Enhanced Visibility

Dust extraction improves site clarity, preventing potential accidents caused by obscured vision.

Equipment Longevity

Clean work areas reduce the wear and tear on tools and machinery, ensuring optimal performance.

Professional Workspace

A dust-free site enhances professionalism, benefiting all trades and showcasing a commitment to quality.

Ecological Responsibility

Reducing airborne particulates contributes to a healthier ecosystem around the construction site.

Safety First, Always

We’re committed to providing top-notch HSE practises in the industry. Your safety, and the safety of our team, are paramount. Join us in building a safer future.